Pan India Network ”PIN”is in the process of launching India’s largest online network project - Know India ...Now ! which will change the way India looks at internet.

The main portals of the network are:

The above sites are further supplemented with our All India network of nearly 350 State & City specific portals. Please Click on the State and then select your State / City portal. All these portals are interlinked.

North Zone

South Zone

West Zone

North East Zone

East Zone

Central Zone

The above network is further supplemented with the following channels

General / Business



The above network will be further supplemented with the following sites which are being launched in phases:




Health (NNE)

Each of the main online portal will be supplemented with the dedicated educational portal for the respective place.

We, have duly obtained prime online domain names for other Indian state capitals and major cities and separate sites for these also can be added in the future if the need arises.

We, have conceptualized this entire project with a clear road map about its implementation and further development – but this gigantic task can not be accomplished single handedly particularly when it comes to the question of covering a great sub-continent like India .

PIN is interested in joining hands with companies, firms , individuals or organizations who might be interested in joining hands with us for mutual benefits.

If you feel interested in joining PIPL in implementation of any of the above channels, you may write to us at : bizdev@panindia.ingiving full details about your self / your organization.